Personal development
Wouldn’t it be amazing if this was an easy question with an easy, affirmative answer?
My greater Vision is to get more people to share their Voice, their way, and to get as loud as they can, WITH purpose.
I have always had a drive for adventure, an analytical mind, and high intuition especially about people.
Are you tired of giving the same old speech every time you step on stage? Do you struggle to connect with audiences …
When it comes to achieving the most meaningful goals , one of the biggest struggles is not to keep the fire alive but …
I believe we all deserve to thrive and live life to the fullest and live a life that we love.
Can you hear the heartbeat of a stone? This question might be the ending of a conversation rather than the beginning of any.
Public speaking can feel uncomfortable, scary, vulnerable and is one of the most cited fears people report.
The biggest myth about TEDx is that it’s this giant, unattainable thing. It’s not!
Being your own worst critic is a common trait among successful entrepreneurs. You are always pushing yourself …