Why you’re not getting ahead and what to do about it

When it comes to achieving the most meaningful goals , one of the biggest struggles is not to keep the fire alive but to keep the flame at its highest point and a sharp focus on what matters most.

I know the excitement of starting a new year all too well: it begins like fireworks, doesn’t it?
A fascinating explosion of enthusiasm, ideas, promises, plans, hopes, and potential solutions to all struggles. Bigger than the biggest campfire.

But then, as the days start rolling in, each bringing another challenge, another disappointment, another urgent matter to take care of, even some hard stops, the initial enthusiasm fizzles out.

We still have a tiny flame burning inside, but now it looks more like, ” ok, I’ll start again on Monday,” “maybe it’s not for me yet,” or ” I still have it as my yearly goal, but there are 11 more month to go”….

Some turn this into harsh-self talking, some give up the hope that someday they will achieve their biggest goals, and some are actively looking for solutions to end the cycle.

What if, instead of blaming yourself, somebody else, or the world, postponing or quitting altogether, we choose to take a look under the hood and ask what is the underlying story here?


The truth doesn’t like to live in plain sight or in full sunlight. The truth wants to hide, play tricks, and create charades. It’s never how it looks like at first glance.

Under each postponed step towards a goal, there is a story to be uncovered.
A story of self-worth, money, capabilities, external and internal factors, trust, and many more. It’s like a complex web that keeps you stuck: loose enough to make you feel like you are advancing, sticky enough to keep everything moving in circles. You keep making the moves, but you’re always in the same territory.

Uncovering our true story is the key here: not just recognizing the thoughts but actually understanding why those thoughts are coming up in the first place.

And this is where the real magic happens: when we dare to explore what lies beneath and take responsibility for our stories, decisions, and actions – that’s when the fire starts burning again, stronger and stronger. That’s when your steps become conscious choices rooted in trust in yourself and your potential, strength, and clarity.

If the fire of purpose, inspiration, enthusiasm, and motivation is what we need to keep going on this fantastic journey called life, then uncovering our stories is the fuel we need to bring it back up when it fades out.
Don’t give up. Just explore and take a closer look at what lies beneath. There is always something there waiting to be uncovered!
Bring back that flame!

Gabriela Manciulea

Founder and CEO Calibrated Leadership
Clarity, Mindset & Personal Development Coach