If you take a moment and contemplate your whole life, what is that core characteristic that influenced all of your decisions, from the simple way you used to play or the schools you’ve picked, to the careers that inspired you and the way you carry yourself every day?

Mine is curiosity. And the quest for knowing and understanding more, improving myself and being a valuable resource for others.


It was a dream in the beginning.
And a very windy road ahead.
And I embraced it all enthusiastically.
I did it all: I hired coaches and consultants and followed their advice, I bought (and finished!!!) courses, I was part of different programs ( year-long or shorter), and I’ve participated in masterminds. 
Then I felt overwhelmed and lost and deep, deep over my head and deeper under the pressure of being capable of doing it all, under questions and need for clarity.

Working hard to accomplish my dream, jumping from one potential solution to the other it’s how I lost my direction. 

This is when and how Playbook for Winning Teams™ was born.
It was out my own struggle of finding my way back to my dream and then jumping back on the saddle.

It is my promise that I will never lose my direction again. I will keep learning, having coaches and consultants by my side, I will still be part of programs and masterminds. But this time I know to choose in full alignment with my dream. I know how to feel and follow my purpose. I know what to say “yes” to or what to say “no.” I know how and I know when. I know how to follow through and which battle is worthy.

It is my promise that I am going to share this custom-tailored, step-by-step framework of how to stay focused on your dream and take consistent, intentional action with every entrepreneur that crosses my path and wants to end the “aimlessly do-it-all” cycle.

It is my promise that I am going to teach about how critical it is to have the foundational business blocks clear, connected and thoroughly implemented in every aspect of the business until I am out of breath.

It is the promise I make to the entrepreneurial world: if you decide on going back to the beginning, simplifying and strengthening the roots, it’s going to eradicate the derails, setbacks, and the crippling confusion and it will open up a sea of possibilities that are meant to grow your business and keep it on the right track. 

I have the heart of a dreamer and the mind of an engineer. Weird, right? That’s what I’ve thought too. Until I understood that this is actually my gift.

I believe in people, and I believe in their dreams and their ability to achieve anything they want to achieve. Here is where the engineering mind kicks in: no matter how big and inspiring your dream is, it will forever remain a just dream if you don’t have the right strategy to achieve it and the your mindset is not aligned and supportive of your plans.

I believe with all my heart in dreams and the dreamers, but I think in sequences and I look at the details and relationships between critical elements.

Without action a dream is just a dream

Not any action leads to achieving the dream.

You can have a long, arduous journey or you can have a steady, consistent and fulfilling experience on your way to success.

There no such thing as one-size-fits-all. There is no recipes for success. You have to write your own.

It’s all about calibrating.
Calibrating between your vision and the reality of achieving it.

In a world full of distractions, Calibrated Leadership brings people back to what’s meaningful: a strong foundation, a solid strategy based on unique values, a mindset for success. I’m on a mission to provide people with the solutions they need to keep growing and expanding while honoring their highest values.

I believe in breaking the rules that don’t make sense in your context, and I believe in creating and adopting rules that honor who you are at the core and are supporting your dreams.

I believe in growing and expanding from the inside out.

I believe in putting theory into practice and finding the most effective way to do it.

I believe that we all need to deeply know and accept our purpose and always align our actions with it.