Face Yoga: An Inside Out Approach to Natural Beauty

After I turned 40, I noticed many visible signs of aging on my face. Between Newton’s law of gravity, poor posture habits and unconscious facial expressions my face looked much older than my actual age.

More lines creeped on my forehead, my eyes drooped, my once perky cheeks sagged and my skin tone was dull and tired looking. My overall face was becoming more asymmetrical.

During this time, I had a stressful position in a job where I was miserable. I was literally wearing that tension on my face.

This awareness left me feeling self-conscious and hesitant to take action in other areas of my life.

As a Holistic Nutritionist, I sought out to find a more natural alternative to the quick-fixes offered by “mainstream beauty”

Face Yoga Discovery:

It was during this search that I stumbled across FACE YOGA.
Within ONE week of practicing the face yoga poses, I was hooked! I found myself laughing and smiling more and feeling the stress melt off of my face.

If you’re curious to know what FACE YOGA is and how it can boost your appearance…. Then read on….

The definition of Face Yoga:

Face Yoga is a natural, non-invasive modality that combines yoga-like body postures, facial expressions and breathwork.

The proper movement of our face muscles can enhance the look and feel of your skin and create a more symmetrical, youthful-looking face.

Face Yoga also relieves stress and tension, improves circulation and uses a “whole-person” approach where it connects the body, mind and spirit.


• Reduce/prevent fine lines and wrinkles
• Tone/tighten flabby skin
• Open up droopy-looking eyes
• Define cheeks
• Plump up lips
• Firm a double-chin
• Smooth out necklines
• Plus so much more…

Other unexpected benefits include improved speech and relief from TMJ symptoms, greater self-confidence and self-esteem and a more relaxed state of mind

Results are generally seen in as little as 2 weeks with a daily practice of up to 15 minutes (divided up) a day.

Face Yoga Routine:

This easy and fun routine will refresh your face, tone and shape your jawline quickly in just minutes a day.

The WOW Pose
Benefits: Wakes the face muscles up, releases tension, uplifts the mood and increases circulation.

Practice while driving or try it before an important event.

1. Say “WOW” in a slow exaggerated manner opening your mouth as wide as possible
2. Repeat 10x
3. NOTE: Vocalizing is not necessary but does help relieve tension and emotional stress.

Benefits: tones neck and jawline; reduces/prevents double chin.

An excellent pose to practice after long hours working at a computer or staring at your phone.

1. Open chest and relax shoulders, push shoulder blades down
2. Inhale from the nose and out the nose
3. Gaze up at the ceiling and tilt your head up (feel the stretch on the front part of your neck)
4. Stick your tongue out and up toward the nose
5. Gradually move your tongue from right to left
6. Repeat 5x
7. NOTE: If you experience neck pain or any discomfort modify the pose accordingly.

Here’s to a more BEAUTIFUL Face!

Louise Breton

I’m a Registered Holistic Nutritionist & Certified Face Yoga Method expert and I teach high-level entrepreneurial women over 50 who feel self-conscious with their maturing face.
Founder of “A Change Of Face”
Creator of “Ultimate Face”