Word of the Year Course


This short and focused course shows you exactly how to identify the most inspiring word that guides you throughout the year and also teaches you how to easily weave it in everything that you do for maximum results.

This course comes in a fillable PDF format and is designed to help you get more out of your day without adding anything to your plate.

  • Create your own guiding theme for the year and use it as a reliable filter for everything you are planning
  • Focus your energy only on what makes a difference, track your weekly schedule and monthly progress
  • Eliminate the time-wasters with ease and confidence.
  • Experience the difference of acting with intention and clarity every day.

1 review for Word of the Year Course

  1. Mandy B. L

    The Word of the Year course is a great way to infuse your word for the year into all weekly aspects of your life and business. I highly recommend this course for making sure your word stays at the forefront and drives your values and success all year long.

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