Whispers of Silence

A Day of Dreaming, Reflection and Inner Connection
A unique in-person retreat to learn how to let the whispers of silence guide you to the truth of your heart and find unbeatable clarity, inspiration, and a renewed sense of self and purpose.
You will delve into the depths of your mind, guided on a path to identify limiting beliefs that may have hindered your progress toward your dream life. Through introspection and transformative practices, we will collectively explore how to reframe these beliefs into empowering convictions, paving the way for a life filled with endless possibilities.
Saturday, June 15th
9 am – 5 pm
ONLY 5 Spots available
A very private event: not only do we keep the group small, but you won’t have to share anything with anyone unless you feel called to share.
Registration closes on June 8th
Crystal Salt Cave 8065 Brentwood, Blvd. Suite 2, Brentwood, CA, 94513
  • Tune into the Depth of your Mind

  • Learn how to connect to the whispers of your heart

  • Identify Limiting Beliefs and Transform Them into Empowering Convictions for a Life of Endless Possibilities

  • Intentional Visioning

  • Targeted exercises to successfully reframe limiting beliefs into new, supportive ones that help you create the outcomes you desire
  • Reiki

  • Sound Bath Healing

  • Enjoy the unique benefits of meditating in the Salt Cave

  • Aroma Therapy

  • Individual Journal

Coffee, Snacks, Water, Gourmet Lunch

One-Day Retreat $249
Whispers of Silence is not just about stillness; it is a unique opportunity for you if you are ready to live a life that feels just as good as it feels in your dreams.
Embrace simplicity, find meaning, and cultivate a sense of peace and confidence within. Put things into perspective, find the balance, and recognize what the signs in your life are trying to tell you.

Whispers of Silence Stories

I am so grateful that you are here. I am Gabriela, your guide and companion on this transformative journey. As a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner and a devoted Mindset and High-Performance coach, my passion lies in creating a sacred space for you to redefine your dreams, set powerful goals, and uncover and reshape the limiting beliefs that stand between you and the reality you crave.

Whispers of Silence is rooted in the belief that everyone deserves to live the life they’ve  envisioned, and I have designed this day to be more than just a retreat; it’s a focused journey to open the doors that have been keeping you away from your dreams.
With a heart-centered approach, I’m here to help you embrace the power of silence, discover your inner voice, and make your dreams a tangible reality. This retreat is not just about finding stillness.
Whispers of Silence is a space for you to come back home to yourself — a home filled with clarity, purpose, and the unwavering belief that your dreams are not just possible but inevitable.

Can’t wait to meet you!

Lisa Pacheco is the owner of the Crystal Salt Cave and Event Center in Brentwood CA. She is a certified Usui Holy Fire III, Karuna, Sekhem- Seichim Reiki Master. She is also a certified crystal energy healer. At the Crystal Salt Cave, she provides a variety of healing options.

The cave itself provides Halotherapy or dry salt therapy. It is an alternative therapy that helps with symptoms of most lung, ear, nose, and throat issues. In other words, it helps with colds, bronchitis, asthma, COPD, ear infections, eczema, psoriasis, acne, rashes, and more. We pump surgical-grade salt, which is ground up very fine, into the room, and you simply breathe it in. The room itself is made of Himalayan Salt and is very relaxing and helps with depression and anxiety.

Reiki is an ancient form of Japanese energy healing. It helps remove or alleviate physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual issues. We all have had hurts and traumas in our lives. People store these emotions in their physical and auric bodies. They become blockages that stop the energy from flowing freely. These blockages can create physical pain or disease in the body. Reiki is able to remove these blockages and leave you with a feeling of wellbeing.

My name is Holland, and I am an energy worker and intuitive channeler. I assist clients in clearing and aligning their energy field and bringing it back to homeostasis, so that they can live in more comfort, contentment, and authenticity. I do this in a variety of ways, the most potent being the movement of energy through my hands as well as through sound.

Every molecule in our body has a resonance. Those molecules are constantly responding to their environment: our thoughts, emotions, trauma… all of these things impact the condition of our cells in our body. Sound has the ability to affect the resonance of these cells. With the right tones and hertz, these cells can instantaneously alter and shift into higher frequencies. Singing bowls, made of Quartz crystal, are tuned to a specific note and hertz. When played, the sound they emit instantly affects the cells in our body, effortlessly bringing our bodies back to a higher frequency experience.

There are 7 Crystal Singing Bowls, each one tuned to resonate with one of our 7 main chakras. I play two bowls at a time while you enjoy relaxing on a yoga mat, immersed in your own inner world and gently experiencing the sound while your mind, body, and spirit receive whatever experience they are seeking. Some people fall asleep; others have profound visions and emotional releases.
Whatever your journey may be, you are sure to feel like a renewed version of yourself upon completion of the sound bath.

Colleen Soliven-Lopez Sound Practitioner & aspiring Reiki Master and Biofield Tuner.
In a group Sound Bath, Colleen uses several sounds, varying from seven different crystal singing bowls, seven different bamboo chimes, a tongue drum, an ocean drum, and many other instruments.

Colleen has traveled throughout Northern California, serving in women’s wellness retreats, appearing as a guest for teacher’s in-service workshops, as well as college courses for those working on their master’s program. Colleen has also provided sound baths for families in private in their own homes.
Colleen brings love, compassion, and her gift of intuition by feeling the energy in the room and playing sounds to soothe everyone in attendance. Colleen always assures her clients that Sound Baths are the easiest form of meditation in that you get into the most comfortable position possible and allow yourself to be immersed in the sound waves. Those in attendance have either fallen into a deep sleep or gone on a magical journey with the sound from the instruments guiding them on their meditative adventure.

Hi! I’m Anthony. My passion for cooking and bringing the enjoyment of food to people began when I was a boy. My grandfather and I would sit and watch all the best from Julia Child, Yan Can Cook & The Frugal Gourmet. Most of my skills have been learned at home, providing food for my family and close friends for celebrations, as well as some larger events for churches and fundraisers.

Along with years of practice, I also took small classes during high school at a cooking trade course and worked as a line chef in a popular sushi restaurant in San Jose.
My dream is to bring joy to as many people as possible through flavors, textures, and aromas that allow people to enjoy themselves and their company.

One-Day Retreat $249