The 30 Day Accelerator

A coaching experience for when your plate is overflowing with tasks, your calendar is full, and your most important goals get pushed to the back-burner month after month.

At the core of this program, you’ll find: Clarity. Prioritizing with Purpose. A structure that fits your context. Consistent, Everyday Action and Supportive Habits and Mindset.

How it works?

Initial call

This call aims to establish if this service is right for you.
We’ll talk about your projects, your intentions, and the challenges that you are experiencing.
We’ll talk about your goals and your timeline.
If we decide that this service is what would help you the most with accomplishing your goals, you can jump right into the coaching experience.

Pre-Coaching DISC Assessment

I believe in using your strengths to write your story of success.

The DISC Assessment allows us to establish a solid base for your coaching experience and give you great insight into your personality, leadership, and communication style.

Assessment Debrief and Full Audit Call

90 min to debrief your DISC Assessment and developed a deeper understanding of your current context, your challenges, and your goals, so we can design a simple yet highly effective plan of action.

30 Days to Turn Everything Around in Your Favor. 30 Days to Create a Flow that Keeps You Engaged in your Most Meaningful Project.

During this program, you’ll get a 30-minute coaching call every working day for 30 days at the same time every day.

Clarity is the Name of The Game
  • Establish your goals.
  • Learn how to prioritize effectively
  • Create your productivity strategy and create momentum
  • Create awareness about the habits in action that are keeping you from achieving the desired results
  • Discover supportive habits and establish a routine
  • Incorporate your goals into your daily schedule
  • Learn how to tune out of distractions
  • Learn how to access intrinsic motivators that keep you inspired
  • Learn how to strategically organize your day
Every day, one step closer.